What are the five tenets of taekwondo

The tenets of taekwondo are typically chanted at the start of the taekwondo class. There are two methods of chanting, students can recite oath with a teacher , or they will recite after the trainer . Reminding their obligation to the present art, unison(instructor), friends, and society is that the primary obligation of the tenets of taekwondo. Bow-in is another beautiful process in taekwondo. Greeting to others may be a quality feature from a highly developed society. In taekwondo, Bowing to the International Taekwondo-Do Federation flag or the ITF flag, the flag of the country, bowing to the top instructors, and also bowing to the instructors who are going to be conducting the category .

The tenets of taekwondo are included with five factors. This tenet of taekwondo is valid for ITF Taekwondo-Do and other Taekwondo-Do federations like GTF or UITF. we will call these five factors as principles of taekwondo.

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